Neuilly Lab workshop: Building commercial success from the first meeting with the right sales strategy

Dominique Seguin, Managing Director of KESTIO

Hosted by Dominique Seguin,

Managing Director of Kestio


Have you ever asked yourself these questions? :

  • How to build commercial success from thefirst meeting?
  • How do you move from traditional selling to consultative selling?

In the replay of this Neuilly Lab workshop, hosted by Dominique Seguin, Managing Director of Kestio and professor of business strategy at ESCP, you can discover the essential steps to succeed in your commercial conquest.


An effective sales strategy:

Several steps are necessary:

  • Create a climate of trust with your interlocutors
  • Helping them to understand the explicit and implicit issues
  • Get their support for the next step


Consultative selling to optimise each stage of the sales process

Improved consultative selling techniques will optimise actions and their effectiveness at each stage of the sales process.

Several optimisations are possible:

  • Generation of interest
  • Qualification of customer issues
  • Involvement of the client in the process


Ensure the success of your sales strategy from the first meeting 

Essential preparation

Finding out about the company and the contact helps to determine the right sales strategy and tactics for the next stage of the sales process.


Launching your first meeting

To introduce the interview effectively, opt for the OPA strategy:

  • Objective: what will be the benefit for the client
  • Interview plan: the stages of the interview
  • Agreement: the client's validation

The elevator pitch: an essential part of a sales strategy

A short presentation to frame and reassure the client: a successful elevator pitch! 
The main interest of this pitch is to present yourself, while framing the client in less than 2 minutes. Ideally, you should be able to present each part in 30 seconds:
  • the function and role
  • the organisation
  • products/services and their added value
  • reinsurance figures and elements

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