How to reposition commercial action in the current context?

Fabien Comtet, CEO of Kestio

Hosted by Fabien Comtet,

CEO of Kestio


In this webinar, Fabien Comtet, CEO of KESTIO, gives the keys to repositioning the sales action in the current context. The objective of this webinar is to share with you KESTIO's point of view and convictions.

The following elements will be discussed in this webinar to reposition the commercial action in the current context: 

    • mindset and focus
    • the reason for being
    • the micro and the macro
    • differences and variety
    • the multitude of possible actions

Repositioning sales action: mindset and focus

It is essential to focus on the possibilities, even if they have been reduced since the COVID-19 crisis.


For example, don't say to yourself "no one answers anymore" but rather "10% of the customers have asked me to call them back next week". Or, "our business has stopped" but rather "our role with our customers is still important".


It is important that the sales action and the sales people are in the right frame of mind because the company, and especially the sales people, bear the responsibility for the messages conveyed. It is also important to remember that saying nothing or doing nothing is also a form of communication.


In order to create a synergy in the commercial action, it may be interesting to create regular collective meeting points to share the news of the previous day, what worked well, the actions planned for today, etc. 


The raison d'être and fundamental role of the company

To determine the fundamental role of your company, it may be interesting to ask yourself this question: If your company were a not-for-profit company, what would its purpose be?


What "care" do you provide? This is a question that can be answered using the customer consideration pyramid. This pyramid is detailed by Fabien Comtet in this webinar. 


The key thing to remember here is that your expertise and added value has not changed, the way you offer and deliver it probably has.


Nevertheless, there are several areas of movement in the commercial action without changing its raison d'être: 

    • the support and service phase: further upstream, more in the reflection phase, study
    • the intervention channel: digital, video, telephone
    • the types of products supplied: the products of greatest need
    • customer targets: customers with the capacity to buy or who are more quickly resilient


Re-positioning commercial action: the micro and the macro

At present, macro information would tend to hold us back because the future is uncertain and it is complicated to predict anything in the medium or long term.


The real levers for commercial action are therefore at the micro-economic level, at the level of our customers and our ecosystem: 

    • customers contacted again and their feedback on the situation
    • action by your colleagues and partners
    • prospects you were in contact with
    • close and activatable network


Each small success at the micro level can gradually give the vision that the macro is not so bleak and does not completely apply to the context of your company.


Differences and variety

In a complicated context, it is very important to carry out a review of your client portfolio by cross-referencing it with the sectors in order to assess the risks and the avenues for rebound, so as to optimise your commercial action. This will allow you to distinguish between cyclical and defensive stocks.


For example, stability and resilience criteria should be identified for assessing clients. An example of criteria is 

    • capital base - equity
    • customers
    • seasonality
    • the service or product deliverable in the current circumstances


The multitude of possibilities for action

Today, all interaction channels are allowed: telephone conversations, video meetings, webinars, chat, social networks, advice e-mails.


To go further, we propose an article on the management to adopt to promote the performance of yourteam.

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