Zen negotiation: the keys to a reasoned approach

Dominique Seguin, Managing Director of Kestio, presents a webinar on the management of its commercial pipeline

Hosted by Dominique Seguin,

Managing Director of Kestio


In this webinar, Dominique Seguin, Managing Director of KESTIO, gives you the keys to a zen commercial negotiation and to establish lasting relationships with your ecosystem.

Distinguish between sales and commercial negotiation

Negotiation is a way of finding an agreement between two stakeholders who do not agree.

It is not necessarily necessary to make a sale. First you have to sell, then you can possibly negotiate. Negotiation can then be used to find a compromise between two parties.

The commercial negotiation framework and preparation

Spend 80% of your time preparing and defining a common shared objective (a WIN/WIN agreement).

Having the right mindset for successful commercial negotiation

    • Separate the people from the problem
    • Focus on interests, not on positions held by individuals
    • Negotiate only on the basis of objective criteria
    • Lack of resistance by one party increases the demands of the other

Start with a high initial demand and you will prepare an acceptable fallback. You must succeed in finding the ZAPO (Zone of Possible Agreement).

Do not negotiate

At first, you should refuse the commercial negotiation. It is essential to start by defending your value proposition with arguments.

The key is to delay the timing of the commercial negotiation.

Enhancing the value of its offer to reinforce the impact of the value on the actors of the commercial negotiation: 

    • Define a common objective shared with the client
    • Rebalance and facilitate relationships with buyers
    • Demonstrate the return on investment
    • Thinking in terms of total cost of ownership

Explore the options

Imagine options for mutual gain:

    • Expanding the space for negotiation
    • Dividing up the negotiating space

Example of options to be explored to obtain : 

    • More BUSINESS
    • FINANCIAL counterparts
    • A PARTNERSHIP relationship

Managing concessions/counterparties in commercial negotiations

The concession is an advantage granted to the other, to which he is attached. The counterpart is a benefit obtained, to which I am attached.

There are several steps to follow in order to obtain a counterparty in a commercial negotiation. Dominique Seguin develops them in this webinar.

Getting agreement by limiting efforts

If a step back is necessary to reach an agreement in a commercial negotiation, it must be done step by step. These steps are detailed by Dominique Seguin in this webinar.

To go further, we suggest an article on how to dust off sales techniques.

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