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In this webinar, Fabien Comtet, CEO of KESTIO, draws a parallel between complex selling and the successful Netflix series "The Queen's Game". As in the game of chess, there are behavioural rules and tactics to win a game.

Business and chess

In games, as in business, there is only one winner in a game. So you have to carry out activities and develop techniques to be aware of the activities you are carrying out to think. It is important not to do things without thinking in a complex sales environment.


Complex selling is a chess game

Complex selling is a chess game in which every move has a cost and must produce the desired outcome.


The shape of the sales pipeline also needs to change. The funnel is based on the main phases for winning a lead in a complex sales context.


The first phase of this funnel is preparation, making contact and finding a new lead.


The next step is to identify a subject or a request, this is the qualification of the lead. It is essential to conduct this qualification with thought. Indeed, it is important not to qualify all the business on which a company is positioned.


For example, out of 10 leads contacted, instead of keeping 8 deals and gaining 2, it may be more relevant to position yourself on 5 deals only and gain 4 or 3.


If we choose our cases more carefully, we will be focused on winning that case and therefore increase our chances of winning them.


The view of the balance of power changes the way the game is played

It is therefore essential to have absolute certainty that the products or services sold have a high added value and bring a lot to the customers.


It is also necessary to work on self-esteem and assertiveness to establish the right balance in the relationship with the client.


In a complex sales environment, teamwork is required

Debriefing, analysis and anticipation are the keys. You have to use your intelligence to deal with the situation.


There is also a need to bring in outside eyes and do business coaching rather than just reporting.


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