Do your salespeople really master the sales interview?

Do your salespeople really master the keys to a successful sales meeting? You have every reason to think so: they know their sales techniques inside out, they scrupulously apply the 7 main steps of the sales meeting, they always set themselves S.M.A.R.T. objectives, and S.O.N.C.A.S. has no secrets for them! : ) In short, they are real pros. However, we run sales training courses on a daily basis, and in the field, the reality that we observe is often the following: salespeople very rarely master an essential key to the success of ANY sales meeting: listening. And this inevitably leads to failed deals, due to a lack of open questioning and attention to the latent needs of customers...

Are you tired of your salespeople ignoring the relationship skills that are essential to their success?

To help you raise awareness among your teams of good interpersonal practices, the importance of active listening and effective questioning techniques, we have created this infographic for you, which presents the "6 deadly sins of listening in sales interviews" and gives tips on how to remedy them!

Distribute to your sales teams, display near the coffee machine and apply without moderation!


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