How to optimise the commercial management of a company?

Dominique Seguin, Managing Director of Kestio, presents a webinar on the management of its commercial pipeline

Hosted by Dominique Seguin,

Managing Director of Kestio


In this webinar, Dominique Seguin, Managing Director of KESTIO, gives you the keys to doubling the number of your sales meetings and optimising your sales management techniques.


Our method consists of 5 rules, 3 of which were discussed in the previous webinar. The next two will be discussed in this webinar.


The first 3 rules discussed in another webinar were the following: 

    • Define the ideal segments
    • Building and enriching your file
    • Defining the pitch


In this webinar, the following points will be discussed: 

    • Allocate dedicated time
    • Train your teams


These two points will enable optimal commercial management.


Allocate dedicated time to optimise sales management

You have to determine the stages of selling, determine precisely the effort to be made.


The transformation rate will be impacted by several elements: 

    • number of leads enriched
    • number of calls made
    • number of successful calls
    • number of appointments obtained
    • number of discoveries
    • number of proposals
    • number of signatures


The challenge of commercial management lies in the fact that commercial activity is subject to the effect of several laws: 


Parkinson's Law: the more time one has to perform a task, the longer that task takes.

Murphy's Law: everything takes longer than you expect.

Illich's law: beyond a certain work threshold, efficiency decreases.

Carson's Law: doing a job continuously takes less time than doing it in several steps.

Fraisse's Law: 1 hour is not always equal to 1 hour.

Pareto's Law: 20% of our activities produce 80% of our results.


Training your teams: the key to sales management

Tools can be put in place such as a "Personal Check List" template which will be presented in this webinar.


This canvas will allow each sales person to rate on 5 different aspects of their state of mind (level of desire, ability to positivise my approach) and their assessment of 3 key success factors (who I play with, how much I play, how often I play).




To go further, we propose an article on 5 key points to define your commercial organisation.