Marketing must pass on useful leads to sales!

Olivier Prost, Associate Director of KESTIO, will be speaking at the Inbound Marketing evening on Monday 14 December at IDRAC Lyon.

On this occasion, he was interviewed by KOBAN, the organiser of this evening. To give you a little taste of this evening which promises to be very interesting. We are publishing this interview which was originally published on the KOBAN website.


What will be the strong messages of the evening on 14 December?

Inbound marketing and the tools that go with it now provide a way for marketing and sales to work together. The fact that these two departments are complementary seems obvious, and yet... the observation in companies is that they are often still not very connected. For us, this is essential, it is part of the good practices to be installed to gain in efficiency.


So it's going to be a question of follow-up and qualification of leads?

Yes, because when marketing identifies a lead, it is counterproductive to pass it on to sales immediately. There is still too much of a tendency to generate a volume of leads, rather than working on their qualification and profiling. Lead scoring and lead nurturing methods allow us to provide the sales force with useful leads, and to put the sales energy in the right place at the right time. In parallel, we will also discuss the role of the organisation and processes that must allow fluid communication between marketing and sales.


A few words about KESTIO and your expertise

KESTIO is a consulting and training company, focused onimproving sales performance and customer experience. We are a team of about twenty people, based in Lyon and Paris. We support companies and their managers through 4 main areas:

- –Commercial performance
-Customer Experience
-CRM tools in the broad sense
-The experience and digital transformation of companies


Our approach is based on seeing a company's customers as its most important asset.

All the levers on which we help them to act therefore enable them tooptimise the acquisition and retention of their customers.

This evening will be an opportunity to give concrete action keys to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy and work in this direction.

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