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What can you do to close your deals before you go on holiday?

Like many salespeople at the moment, you dream of signing your deals before you leave for the sun so that you can completely free your head.

But every year it happens again... clients you have been talking to for weeks become unreachable and others call you at the last minute and hope that your response file will arrive when they return from holiday...

You've tried to plan ahead to leave with peace of mind, but this year, even more than in previous years, the "Deconfinement" effect is breaking all the usual patterns....


What if you could reverse the trend and close your deals effectively? What if you mastered the 4 key techniques that drive your customers to action? There is still time to change the situation!


During this Webinar, our President Fabien Comtet will decipher with you the situations encountered in the field, present 4 concrete techniques to regain control and close and answer all your questions during a live sales coaching session!

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